Why do PR for your business?

At Cause UK we not only represent good causes but we also provide PR services for many established and start-up businesses across Yorkshire, the UK, and internationally. Who uses our…


At Cause UK we not only represent good causes but we also provide PR services for many established and start-up businesses across Yorkshire, the UK, and internationally.

Who uses our business PR services?

Our clients have included major tourism attractions, such as Stockeld Park, the Himalayan Gardens and Sculpture Park, How Stean Gorge, and wider destination management and tourism organisations, such as Country Living and the Luxury Villa Collection.

We’ve also handled campaigns for flagship shops, such as the jewellers, Ogden of Harrogate, placing their unique stories in the Daily Mail, BBC, and The Times.

And for many years, we’ve worked with Besbrode Pianos in Leeds, helping it get in front of key buyers, securing profile in Chinese publications – as well as national broadcast media, with bespoke films on BBC’s The One Show and Sky Arts, as well as widespread regional coverage on BBC Look North, the Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Living etc.

Owner of Besbrode Pianos, Melvin Besbrode, said: “Cause UK has done so much to promote and improve the image of Besbrode Pianos over the past three years that it’s almost impossible to calculate the good it done. Amazing.”

PR versus Advertising

Advertising is a powerful tool for creating visibility if you are a brand with deep pockets. PR works differently. It uses engaging news stories and features to create meaningful profile – editorial is more trusted by audiences, than paid-for promotions.

What is the impact of Business PR?

Why do PR? When done intelligently and well, it is the most cost-effective tool in your marketing tool-box, and is proven to increase footfall, brand awareness and sales.

We’re proud to have achieved high-profile media coverage for our clients in the major broadsheets, including the Sunday Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, as well as wider BBC platforms, tabloids, and consumer magazines.

What our business clients say about our PR impact

The Himalayan Gardens said at the start of our campaign, they had “already seen an increase in footfall on the back of the national coverage they have generated.”

We’ve done several PR campaigns for How Stean Gorge, who said: “The winter months can be very difficult for an outdoor attraction. The media work by Cause UK created a real buzz. We gained national and regional coverage in both digital and printed press, which resulted in a 50% rise in visitor numbers over the winter, and an impact from which we will no doubt be reaping the rewards for months to come.”

Our services help our clients thrive.

Sectors and agencies

As well as consumer facing clients, we’ve worked with many businesses across different sectors. Current clients include the growing research agency, Harlow Consulting. We’ve helped them raise awareness of bespoke research and surveys to very targeted audiences in the construction and heritage sectors.

We also represent the marketing and innovation agency, ThinkOTB, and have represented many social enterprises, including the sectors leading investor, Key Fund – one of our longest standing clients.

Good PR will help you fulfil your business’s objectives, which, in the case of Key Fund, is demonstrating positive stories and impact to their key investors and stakeholders.

Matt Smith, CEO of Key Fund, said of our work: “Our experience is wholly positive and they really helped us to build a national profile (something that we had previously really struggled with), which helped us to secure awards, attract new clients, bring in different Investors and really move on to a new level.  I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

We often get asked by people starting out in business: What is PR and why should we do it?

Below is a brief summary of what PR services offer.

Business PR (Public Relations) involves creating and maintaining a positive public image and fostering good relationships with various stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, and the media.

Firms engage in PR for several reasons:

1.      Building and maintaining a positive reputation

PR helps businesses establish and maintain a favourable public image, which can enhance credibility and trust among consumers and other stakeholders. One of our services is drafting award entries for our clients; ‘award-winning’ accolades help build reputation and profile.

2.      Managing crises

PR professionals help firms navigate and respond to crises, such as product recalls, scandals, or negative publicity, in a way that minimises damage to the company’s reputation.

3.      Media relations

PR professionals work to secure positive media coverage for the firm, which can increase brand visibility and credibility. Cause UK regularly achieve regional and national print and broadcast coverage.

4.      Influencing public opinion

PR activities can influence public opinion and attitudes toward the company, its products, and its actions. We help our clients draft thought leadership and opinion pieces, positioning them as experts in their field.

5.      Building relationships

PR helps businesses build and maintain relationships with various stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, and the community. Cause UK is known for its strong network of influencers, and we often facilitate positive collaborations.

Business PR is important because it can help a firm enhance its reputation, manage public sentiment, and ultimately contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of your business.

Our Business PR services include: strategic planning, media relations, content creation such as website copy, brochures and impact reports, social media management and event coordination.

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