-Create profile for cultural organisations delivering festivals, events and the arts

-Host and manage our own programme of events and festivals

-Provide strategic marketing, PR and fundraising services to ethical organisations

-Represent the social and community enterprise sector

-Work with the public sector on stakeholder management and key messaging

-Raise awareness of good causes and offer fundraising services to charities


Art with Heart

As well as representing the arts, we tap into our own creativity too and create and curate our own cultural events and festivals – often aligned to a good cause!

In the past ten years, our arts and cultural activities have engaged, entertained and inspired. They’ve provided a platform for new talent and brought household names to new and unlikely audiences. What’s more, they have had an economic impact of almost half a million pounds.

From stand-alone festivals to animating high-profile sporting events, we have organised and hosted danceathons, theatre, comedy, puppet shows, pop and classical concerts, visual art exhibitions and commissioned new musical scores.

Our arts work supports or throws the spotlight on societal issues such as poverty, homelessness, racism, addiction, mental health and bullying. Since 2010, we have raised over £1m for charities and the arts.


Profile Raising

Cause UK is an agency of creatives.

Our work is proven to raise profiles, attract investment, increase footfall and ultimately boost revenue for the clients we have the privilege to work with.

We do this using our expertise and skills in journalism, copywriting, broadcast media, photography and design.

From working closely with broadcast TV and radio, and with journalists and editors in traditional print, we create compelling stories on trustworthy media platforms for powerful social media reach.


Powerful Positioning

What’s more, we can help shape your brand and marketing materials, writing brochures, reports, event guides and digital content.

We tell the powerful stories of those who make the world a better place – helping individuals, good causes and businesses that trade for good to thrive.

Agents of change, our aim is to support you to enrich lives, explore what matters, campaign for good, provoke thought, inspire action and put heart and intelligence into the news agenda.

Contact Cause UK to help us put your cause on the agenda.

Clair & Ann
Founders, Cause UK