Our Vision

Cause UK is dedicated to empowering our clients to achieve their goals through effective communication strategies. Our work strives to promote positive social change.

We envision a future where our innovative and impactful campaigns inspire meaningful action and create a better world for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide leading PR services to organisations and individuals dedicated to making a positive impact in their sector. We amplify their voices and raise awareness of the issues that matter, while fostering collaboration and engagement among stakeholders.

Through our creative and strategic approach, we aim to build trust, inspire action, and drive social change.

Our Values

Conscientious and creative, we are committed to providing high-quality communication services to clients, and in delivering impactful campaigns that make a difference.

Winner  of the Prolific North PR Agency of the Year 2021 and shortlisted for 2023. Cause UK was established in 2010. Our work is proven to raise profiles, attract investment, increase footfall and ultimately boost revenue for the clients we have the privilege to work with. We are formally committed to donate the equivalent of 5% or more of our time through pro-bono services.


Our Services

• Strategic marketing and public relations services.
• Event management.
• Google-accredited in digital marketing services.
• PR support for businesses across all sectors, particularly green, ethical business, and Corporate Social Responsibility agendas.
• PR support for the social and community enterprise sector.
• PR support for the public sector on stakeholder management and key messaging.
• PR support to raise awareness of good causes.

Working closely with broadcast journalists and editors in print and digital, we create compelling stories that captures media attention. We also create marketing materials, including copywriting brochures, social impact reports, event guides and digital content.

Our services help entrepreneurs, good causes, and businesses to thrive. We provide compelling film and photography services to our clients.

Cause UK


Cause UK is run by two sisters, Clair and Ann pictured with Teddy.

Agents of change, our aim is to support organisations to enrich lives, explore what matters, campaign for good, provoke thought, inspire action, and put heart and intelligence into the news agenda. We align all of our projects with good causes and since 2010 we have raised £1m for charity.

Our clients include ethical businesses, social enterprise, the public sector, science, innovation, tech for good start-ups, the public sector, health (hospitals and hospices) environmental and rural organisations and the arts.

We measure our objectives via increased revenue for our clients, increased footfall, increased investment , raised profile and money raised for charity.

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Cause UK Statements & Policies

Anti Modern Slavery Statement
Code of Ethics
Complaints Policy
Equality and Diversity Statement
Social and Environment Decision Making Statement
Virtual Office Statement