Our veterans’ work

Cause UK provides specialist fundraising and media support to two veterans charities. The Veterans’ Artisan Bakery at Catterick Garrison and Broughton House in Salford.  Broughton House is a 50 bed care home which has had its Local Authority contributions frozen for the past 4 years.  This unique care home relies on Charitable donations.  Established just after the First Work War, the care home provides nursing and residential facilities to ex-servicemen and women. William Chadwick, the Great Grandfather of Ann and Clair Chadwick, who are founders of Cause UK, convalesced at Broughton House after a shoulder injury in the First World War.  We are proud to support a charity which looked after our Great Grandfather.

The men and women who live at the House have all experienced war time conflict.  Last week, Ann Chadwick of Cause UK told the story of Geoffrey Stott in the Manchester Evening News. In the Second World War Geoffrey survived the sinking of his navy ship, a Japanese prisoner of war camp and he even witnessed the dropping of the Nagasaki atomic bomb. Let’s not forget these amazing individuals who sacrificed so much for our freedom, please support Broughton House and make a charitable donation here.