Hey Hay!

JR_02_-®DAVEBROWN2012Clair and Ann were lucky enough to go to the Hay Festival this year to network, yes, but also to enjoy some incredible authors and readings. A highlight was the ‘Letters of Note’ panels with Benedict Cumberbatch, Rob Brydan and Tom Hollander. We also got to see Steven Coogan talk on Philomena (pictured with Clair), and the remarkable classical pianist James Rhodes (pictured left) , who received a standing ovation.

James Rhodes is Harrogate International Festivals’ Artist-in-Residence this year, and boy, is Harrogate lucky! He’s the maverick, mercurial musician who has a string of celebrity fans, including Cumberbatch (who led the standing ovation at Hay), Derren Brown and Stephen Fry. His life story is remarkable. Dubbed the Russell Brand of piano, he’s gone from suffering mental health illness, to becoming the most in-demand musician that has captured the media spotlight, with his inspiring documentaries and passion for music.  He has a new documentary on Channel 4 this September, and a new book. Look out for his interview in the Yorkshire Post, and don’t miss the sensational opportunity to see him live in Harrogate on 24 and 25 July!

Full details here: http://harrogateinternationalfestivals.com/2014-music/james-rhodes/