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Leeds Agency ThinkOTB helps Iconic Brands Expand to new Global Markets Leeds-based creative marketing agency ThinkOTB has enhanced the premium award-winning brands, Very Lazy and Newman’s Own, with a refresh…


Leeds Agency ThinkOTB helps Iconic Brands Expand to new Global Markets

Leeds-based creative marketing agency ThinkOTB has enhanced the premium award-winning brands, Very Lazy and Newman’s Own, with a refresh of their online presence for UK and US markets.

Both brands are owned by English Provender Company (EPC), which produces award-winning dressings, chutneys, and mayonnaise.

The management team at ThinkOTB Jo Waddington Tina Catling and Mark Davies

Newman’s Own’s dressings and marinades was established by the Hollywood movie star, Paul Newman, in 1983. It uses all natural ingredients. Consumers can feel good about purchasing the products as all profits are donated to charity – over $580 million has been donated to thousands of charities around the world.

Jo Waddington, Managing Director of ThinkOTB, said: “EPC are passionate about fine quality ingredients and are true innovators. They wanted us to give the website of this iconic brand a more modern feel, while aligning to its brand and US presence.”

ThinkOTB has been delivering integrated award-winning brand and communication campaigns to clients for thirty years. It has worked with numerous well-respected UK and global brands including Google, Visa, and Dulux.

Based in Headingley, the agency is named for its approach by ‘thinking outside the box’ and is known as one of the UK’s most creative agencies.

Joanne said: “It was a real privilege to support the Newman’s Own brand and help be part of Paul Newman’s incredible legacy. Proceeds from his dressings range go to thousands of charities around the world, the main one in the UK being Over the Wall, which supports young people with health challenges and disabilities to take part in holiday camps.”

The Oscar-award winning American actor was dedicated to helping make the world a better place. Newman’s Own was one of the first food companies to focus on high-quality ingredients you could find in your own kitchen.

Joanne said: “The website is focused on recipe inspiration, not e-commerce, and we have considered market nuances in terms of product range, content, language, and messaging and have included their social feeds in the new design.”

The Very Lazy brand is known as Very Easy in the States. Think OTB’s work consisted of designing the Very Easy website for the American market to help EPC expand into new global markets.

Joanne said: “Research shows that the name Very Lazy in the US was not popular, the new Very Easy website, will launch on the East Coast in late spring.”

The product range features chopped ingredients and a chilli boost range. It’s known to help cooks get ‘maximum flavour with minimum fuss’ with hacks such as chopped garlic, ginger, and chillies.

ThinkOTB has created a website that includes a brighter colour palette, recipes, and messages to reflect American language and tastes.


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About ThinkOTB

ThinkOTB is an award-winning creative marketing agency based in Leeds.

The business was founded in 1988 by Mark Davies and has more than 30 years’ experience.

It has helped teams in some of the biggest organisations in the world, create and implement innovative ideas that deliver sharper creative marketing, stronger brand strategy and better campaign results.

It was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise is the category of international trade, the UK’s most prestigious business award.

ThinkOTB agency has worked with numerous well-respected brands and organisations, including Google, Visa, NHS, Siemens Energy, Boots, Dulux, Total Energy, Hitachi, and MasterCard.

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About English Provender Company (EPC)

Founded in 1988, the English Provender Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Edward Billington & Son Ltd. The Billington Group is a growing family of trading and manufacturing businesses in Food and Agriculture sectors.

They produce award-winning dressings, condiments, and marinades for many of the UK’s leading food manufacturers and retailers.