Public Relations Services for the Arts

As well as representing the arts, we tap into our own creativity too and create and curate our own cultural events and festivals – often aligned to a good cause!

Events and Festivals

In the past ten years, our arts and cultural activities have engaged, entertained and inspired. They’ve provided a platform for new talent and brought household names to new and unlikely audiences. What’s more, they have had an economic impact of almost half a million pounds.

From stand-alone festivals to animating high-profile sporting events, we have organised and hosted danceathons, theatre, comedy, puppet shows, pop and classical concerts, visual art exhibitions and commissioned new musical scores.

We Support Good Causes

Our arts work supports or throws the spotlight on societal issues such as poverty, homelessness, racism, addiction, mental health and bullying. Since 2010, we have raised over £1m for charities and the arts.

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